Circuit Lipsticks

BF circuit lipstick template fw2015 exc.
BF circuit lipstick template ccfgtCircuit lipsticks are made to match perfectly with the Circuit makeup, delicious strong colours with a sheen of metal on them. The soft touch on the lips leaves the corners bare, creating a doll-like illusion or possibly the latest alien trend. This lipstick will crown your look no matter whether your skin is green or purple or dull human beige. They can also delight the androids that have been crafted to be visually pleasing, their human-mimicking lips clearly made of metal, regardless.

The Futurewave event exclusive pack is not available anymore.

Permissions are M/C/NT. L200 for the pack of five colours.

Purchase from: Main Store | MarketplaceBF circuit lipstick template cgory BF circuit lipstick template bfppv BF circuit lipstick template bbgrw


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