You need help?

If you need help, throw an IM to Axi Kurmin or Dolce Blackflag.  You can toss one to BeautifulFreakCosmetics too (it’s just an alt account to keep things tidy.)

Some things to bear in mind:

1. In the case of marketplace delivery problems- the failure in marketplace delivery issues is *almost always* not that of the merchant, but that of Linden Lab itself. Due to how Direct Delivery is set up, there is no good way to determine whether or not a delivery actually went through, on *either end* of the transaction.  Merchants are notified when something has sold, but unlike a magic box system, there is no secondary confirmation upon delivery of an item. All we can do is check to see that everything in the folder you are meant to receive is actually in there, and to confirm the sale happened (and that a transaction took place in transaction history.)  But there is no independent way to confirm delivery with the direct delivery system.

We understand the frustration involved in marketplace failures- we shop too.  But please be aware that it really is not the merchant, but the Lab- it’s sort of like blaming the person who shipped you a package for a failure of the postal service.

That being said, on no transfer items, as long as we can find the actual transaction in our records, we’re happy to send you a replacement on anything you didn’t receive.

2.  How a makeup looks on you is highly dependent on shape, particularly with lipsticks.  We provide demos to check fit for every product we put out- please, use them.  No one wants you to buy something that won’t work for you, but because the products are no transfer, exchanges are not something we can easily do.  For that reason we deeply encourage everyone to avail themselves of a demo before buying.

3.  We love makeup ideas. If you have seen some wonderful gothy makeup somewhere you’d like to see in SL, please by all means point us at it.

For everything else, there’s always IM.  Our IMs go to email, so there’s no need to drop notecards if you don’t feel like writing them up.  If you need help, just ask.


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