Futurewave Releases Now Available!

BF Circuit makeover poster template bbgrw
BF Circuit eye makeup template bfppvAll the new releases for Futurewave 2015 are now both in the main store and Marketplace! This covers Circuit eye makeup, lipstick and makeover and the Plasma nails for both Slink and Maitreya.

If you missed your chance to get the most stunning cyber look of the year earlier, now’s your second chance to get it!

Main Store | Marketplace: Circuit Eyes | Circuit Lips | Circuit Makeover | Plasma NailsBF circuit lipstick template bbgrw
BF plasma nails poster template


Circuit Lipsticks

BF circuit lipstick template fw2015 exc.
BF circuit lipstick template ccfgtCircuit lipsticks are made to match perfectly with the Circuit makeup, delicious strong colours with a sheen of metal on them. The soft touch on the lips leaves the corners bare, creating a doll-like illusion or possibly the latest alien trend. This lipstick will crown your look no matter whether your skin is green or purple or dull human beige. They can also delight the androids that have been crafted to be visually pleasing, their human-mimicking lips clearly made of metal, regardless.

The Futurewave event exclusive pack is not available anymore.

Permissions are M/C/NT. L200 for the pack of five colours.

Purchase from: Main Store | MarketplaceBF circuit lipstick template cgory BF circuit lipstick template bfppv BF circuit lipstick template bbgrw

Event Releases Now Available!

BF bitter winter lipstick template cgoryBF bitter winter makeover poster template bfppvAll the new releases from Gothmas by Gaslight 2014 are now available in the main store and the Marketplace! This means Bitter Winter lipsticks and makeovers, Broken eyeliner and Dead of Winter Slink nail polishes.

If you missed them during the event, come goth up your winter now!

Purchase from: Main Store
Marketplace: Broken | Dead of Winter | Bitter Winter Lipsticks  & Makeovers

BF broken liner posterBF Dead of Winter nails poster template bbgrw

Bitter Winter Lipsticks

BF bitter winter lipstick template - GxG frprt
BF bitter winter lipstick template cgoryTaste the frost with the Bitter Winter lipsticks: available in twenty five gothic tones. Strong, sharp, bold, even biting and bitter these lipsticks can frame the frosty breath like no other. These are for the moods as harsh as the weather and as clear an attitude as the dropping degrees.

Originally released at Gothmas by Gaslight 2014, the lipsticks are now available both in the main store and the Marketplace. The event exclusive pack is not available anymore.

Permissions are M/C/NT. L200 for the pack of five colours. Please try a demo first.

Purchase from: Main Store | MarketplaceBF bitter winter lipstick template ccfgt BF bitter winter lipstick template bfppv BF bitter winter lipstick template bbgrw

World Goth Fair & Fantasy Faire Releases Now Available!

BF Loveless Makeover  template bbgrwBF Demonia template ldg1After a very busy May we now have all the new releases from Fantasy Faire and World Goth Fair available both in the main store and the Marketplace.

This includes the Loveless makeovers, Divinora, Drusilla and Demonia eyeliners, Loli and Chimera nails and Sprite eyes. The Wonderland gacha is still available and playable in the main store, as well.

The event exclusive versions are naturally gone from the selection: as always they were one time chances to get them.

Although the events are over it’s never too late to get your goth on!

Purchase from: Main Store | MarketplaceBF Drusilla template bbgrwBF Divinora template ldg2BF Loli nails poster template ldg1
BF Sprite eyes poster template forestBF chimera nails poster templateBF Wonderland gacha template

Wonderland Gacha

BF Wonderland gacha templateThe Wonderland lipsticks are perfect for gothic lolitas or other darkly cutesy creatures. The colourful heart over either black or white lips works for also any doll look.

There’s 14 different packs in the gacha, each with five different colours on either black or white lips. Two of the packs are rare WGF exclusives and there’s also an ultra-rare no-transfer fatpack of them all.

Except for the ultra-rare no-transfer fatpack the packs are transferable prizes.

Permissions are M/NC/T. L50 per play for a pack of five lipsticks.

First released at World Goth Fair 2014, Wonderland gacha is now available in the main store.

Purchase from: Main Store


Dead Matte

BF Dead Matte template bbgrwDead Matte provides an alternative to our lusciously rich and shiny lipsticks. The matte finish is professional, almost understated, but still undeniably strong in all of our usual gothic colours. These are one of the absolute must-haves and staples for your gothic makeups in Second Life.

The lipsticks are sold in six fatpacks of five colours each.

Permissions are M/C/NT. L200 for the pack of five colours. Please try a demo first.

Purchase from: Main Store | Marketplace

If you want to share how beautiful a freak we’ve made you, feel free to post your pictures in our Flickr Group

BF Dead Matte template ldg2BF Dead Matte template cgoryBF Dead Matte template ldg1BF Dead Matte template ccfgtBF Dead Matte template  bfppv