Stuff. Things. Makeup. Goth.

Once upon a time….

No, that’ll take too long.  *scribbles it out*

Beautiful Freak was started not because of a lack of quality makeup in Second Life (because really, there isn’t any such lack.), but because so very often the colors that otherwise lovely makeup comes in simply didn’t work very well with a non-mainstream aesthetic. Instead of “gee, I wish that didn’t only come in neutrals…”  or “damn it, why the hell can’t I get some red eye shadow already…(which I’ve said in RL a lot, and now own quite a bit of red eye shadow…) ” Beautiful Freak was born instead.

I might have also been listening to a tad too much Faderhead at the time, but I can live with that.

Fly your freak flags high, gang. We can help.


BF mp banner tagline



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