Futurewave Releases Now Available!

BF Circuit makeover poster template bbgrw
BF Circuit eye makeup template bfppvAll the new releases for Futurewave 2015 are now both in the main store and Marketplace! This covers Circuit eye makeup, lipstick and makeover and the Plasma nails for both Slink and Maitreya.

If you missed your chance to get the most stunning cyber look of the year earlier, now’s your second chance to get it!

Main Store | Marketplace: Circuit Eyes | Circuit Lips | Circuit Makeover | Plasma NailsBF circuit lipstick template bbgrw
BF plasma nails poster template


Plasma Nails

BF plasma nails poster templatePlasma Nails bring futuristic fire to your fingertips in a stunning variety of bold gem tones. These nails can fit the look of any futuristic fashionista, android, cyber goth or a supervillain mutant with literal plasma in their blood stream.

The Futurewave event exclusive pack is not available anymore.

The nails are actually HUDs to change the colour of the nails in your mesh hands and feet, if they are Slink’s or Maitreya’s. They will not work on their own or with any other body part systems. There’s no mesh hands or feet included, just the HUDs to change the nail colours in them.

Permissions are NM/C/NT. L275 for twenty colours, both manicures and pedicures included for both Slink and Maitreya’s nails.

Purchase from: Main Store | MarketplaceBF plasma nails poster template FW2015exc