Beautiful Freak Moves to Marketplace Only

After careful evaluation of our shopping statistics, Beautiful Freak has become a Marketplace-only store. The vast majority of the sales takes place in the Marketplace and there is no reason to keep the in-world store running.

The in-world store might be gone, but you can find all of our stock in our Marketplace store right here:

Come on in and shop at your own convenience whenever and wherever you wish!


Main Store Unavailable Until World Goth Fair

The Cursed sim will close its public access for a few days in preparation of World Goth Fair 2015. The sim will lock down tomorrow night (Monday, May 11th) and will open again when World Goth Fair opens on May 15th, at noon SLT. This means Beautiful Freak main store will also be briefly inaccessible and we apologize for the inconvenience.

In the meanwhile you can shop on our Marketplace!