BF anemone bbgrw BF anemone bfppv

Beautiful Freak releases Anemone in all of its glory for World Goth Day. These colours are our usual selection, easy to match with any goth look of your choice.

Anemone goes goth all the way with its strong lines and bold tones. It’s makeup turned into a mask, into a statement, into a character. It can also fit a mermaid of darker preferences to match its name. This mask of colours works for any creature of the night, whether they bump, stalk or simply slither.

Originally released at World Goth Fair 2015, now available both in the Main Store and the Marketplace. The event exclusive pack is not available anymore.

Permissions are M/C/NT. L125 for a pack of five colours.

Purchase from: Main StoreMarketplace

BF anemone ccfgt BF anemone cgory BF anemone ldg1 BF anemone ldg2


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