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BF nails Super Maya poster template BAM - EVENT BF nails Super Maya poster template POW-EVENTWho is Super Maya?

Maya is six years old, and lives in Canada. She’s a sweet kid who has a natural talent for baking and cake decorating (well beyond the talents of your average six year old) with a sharp mind and a loving family.

But she doesn’t fit in well at school, and is apparently being bullied by some of the kids there. Her parents have gone to school to try and sort this out, but bullying has not yet stopped. It’s upsetting her so much that she went to school on Halloween as Batgirl, and told me that she did because she felt like she had to be a superhero to take on the kids that are tormenting her.

But see, Maya is a superhero *all the time*, and I want her to know that no matter what she wears to school, she will always be super on the inside. Maybe these nails will remind her, and if you want to take a photo of yourself wearing them to support Maya and show you think she’s super too, just post them in the Beautiful Freak Flickr group.  

Because of some limitations in the Slink nail system, these nails have an extra step in application. The manicure HUD has 10 buttons. The left side buttons are for your left hand. The right side buttons are for your right hand. The thing is you can only be wearing one hand at a time when you apply them, or else one hand will have the words on backwards. This is a limitation imposed on us by how the Slink system works.

So here’s how you do it.

1. wear ONE hand. Apply the nail applier to that hand.
2. REMOVE that hand.
3. wear the other hand. Apply the nail applier to the second hand.
4. Re-add the first hand with the applier already on it.

The toes do not have words for a similar reason: Slink feet cannot be attached one at a time, so half of the words would end up being backwards. Therefore the pedicures are simply for colour-coordinating.

These nails are made for the nails in Slink hands and feet and come in HUDs to change their colour. They will not work on their own nor with any other hands or feet. The Slink hands and feet are not included.

The Boom! set is a group gift, so everyone can get a funny nail set for free and take epic superhero pictures for Maya if they wish to show her support. Visit the main store for the group gift!

Permissions are NM/C/NT. L125 for five colours in two HUDs, both manicures and pedicures included.

Originally released at Silly Seven, Super Maya nails are now available both in main store and the Marketplace.

Purchase from: Main Store | Marketplace | SLink West

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