Sprite Eyes

BF Sprite eyes poster template flowers
BF Sprite eyes poster template forestThe Sprite Eyes bring out the fae in you in all the colours of magic. The large pupils soften the gaze for a warm effect and the multitude of colours makes certain your fae’s eyes always reflect her actual mood. These eyes work perfectly for all the fae-kind whether they are mischievous pixies or regal seelie; humans might enjoy looking at the world through the eyes of a sprite as well!

Please try a free promo first: we have the Fern tone as a gift for you. There’s also an exclusive group gift: the Sky tone.

Permissions are M/C/NT. L75L for the pack of five colours, two packs available. L150 for the pack of ten colours. All packs include both system and prim eyes.

Originally released at Fantasy Faire 2014, now available both in main store and Marketplace.

Purchase from: Main StoreMarketplace

BF sprite eyes template fatpack

BF sprite eyes DEMO
BF sprite eyes group gift


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