Industrial Nails

BF industrial nails poster template cgoryIndustrial Nails bring metal right to your fingertips! The hard surface reflects light across the dark, showing off your strength and attitude. These nails are for the days of work and relentless spirit, for bad-ass moments or even creatures of full metal. These are the nails of a modern day warrior, not yielding from her path no matter what the world throws in her way.

These nails are made for the nails in Slink hands and feet and come in HUDs to change their colour. They will not work on their own nor with any other hands or feet. The Slink hands and feet are not included.

Permissions are NM/C/NT. L125 for the five colours in two HUDs, both manicures and pedicures included.

Purchase from: Main Store | Marketplace

If you want to share how beautiful a freak we’ve made you, feel free to post your pictures in our Flickr GroupBF industrial nails poster template ccfgtBF industrial nails poster template bfppvBF industrial nails poster template bbgrwBF industrial nails poster template ldg2BF industrial nails poster template ldg1


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