Black Celebration at Slink West

BF black celebration nails templateBeautiful Freak has branched to Slink West, the new centralized location for all Slink appliers. To celebrate the occasion in fittingly gothic style, there’s a new release on spot: Black Celebration nails for half the price!

These nails are a must-have for any goth, roleplayer or an avatar of darker penchants: ten delicious black variants to polish your look.

These nails are made for the nails in Slink hands and feet and come in HUDs to change their colour. They will not work on their own nor with any other hands or feet. The Slink hands and feet are not included.

Black Celebration is available exclusively in Slink West for the first week of its opening. During this time the price of the nails is -50%, so hurry over to shop!

Permissions are NM/C/NT. Ten colours in two HUDs, both manicures and pedicures included. The price is back to normal L225 now and the nails are available also in the main store and the Marketplace.

Purchase from: Main Store | Marketplace | Slink West


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