Galaxy Nails

BF galaxy nails templateGalaxy nails bring the stellar dance on your nails, the move of constellations and heavenly bodies, the shift of nebulas, the explosions of supernovas. They can adorn the galactic travelers, cyber-goths, even superheroes!

These nails are made for the nails in Slink hands and feet and come in HUDs to change their colour. They will not work on their own nor with any other hands or feet. The Slink hands and feet are not included.

Permissions are NM/C/NT. L225 for the ten colours in two HUDs, both manicures and pedicures included.

Purchase from: Main StoreMarketplace

If you want to share how beautiful a freak we’ve made you, feel free to post your pictures in our Flickr Group! Remember also the Futurewave Flickr Pool!


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