BF Disintegration templateDisintegration provides you with the whole process of exactly what it says it does: disintegration. Beginning with small markings on your skin and slowly going through all the stages to end up full skull, all done with different tattoo layers. This pack is a must for all the darker roleplayers out there: from liches to ghouls, from zombies in their first stages to macabre carnival smiles. It’s also good to remember that October is just around the corner, better get ready for Halloween sooner than later!

The pack includes eleven different stages of disintegration for you to show off, from a subtle effect to full skull resemblance.

Permissions are M/C/NT. L250 for the pack of eleven stages. Please try a free promo first: we have the half-skull version as a gift for you.

If you want to share how beautiful a freak we’ve made you, feel free to post your pictures in our Flickr Group!

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