Beautiful Freak at Fantasy Faire

BF Odetta template cgoryOdetta combines eccentric dots with double liners and strong colours. This makeup will work perfectly for any sorceress or strong-willed  adventuress: no one will ignore Odetta when she raises her eyebrow. The colour pack above is a RFL item, but there are other colour packs available as well.BF Starcrossed - cgoryStarcrossed combines a strong lower liner and shading with various eyeshadow colours for the extra dramatic effect. The colour pack above benefits RFL, but there are three others for sale as well.jackal eye  template - bbcgtJackal liners have finally been released after many teasers here and there and are available in the Faire in two different packs of five. The delicately drawn lines turn your eyes into an art piece of femininity and attitude!BF template Nocturnal original seriesNocturnal eyes are perfect for all the nightstalkers and creatures of the dark, needing to be able to see well when hunting. The big pack of ten is the RFL version, but there are smaller packs of five available as well.

Fantasy Faire is open now and runs until April 28th. Beautiful Freak can be found in the same booth as The Muses, in Crimson Fields.


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