Nocturnal Eyes

BF template Nocturnal original seriesAre you stalking the night? Do so even better with these nocturnal eyes with fittingly dilated pupils. These eyes work perfectly for any creature of the dark, watching the world from the shadows. They also fit for the taste of those who prefer larger pupils or those who wish to simply hint to their supernatural origins.

The eyes are sold as packs of five and one bigger pack of ten. There’s also an exclusive group gift colour available in yellow. Both system and prim eyes are included with an added alpha layer.

You can try out the eyes with a free exclusive promo colour: apple.

Permissions are M/C/NT. L75 for the packs of five eyes and L150 for the pack of ten eyes.

If you want to share how beautiful a freak we’ve made you, feel free to post your pictures in our Flickr Group!

Purchase from: Main Store | Marketplace

BF nocturnal eyes template gg natural yellowBF nocturnal eyes template demo appleBF template Nocturnal ldg2BF template Nocturnal cgoryBF template Nocturnal ccfgtBF template Nocturnal bfppvBF template Nocturnal bbgrw


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