Glacial and Evening Eyes

eyes_glacial2Do you wish to tempt or glare? Is your charm soft and mysterious or cool and glowing? No matter what you wish to say with your gaze, we have eyes for you to do it with. The glacial eyes have a touch of frost to them: haunting and memorable. The evening eyes are softer, shining in all the shades of the sunset, bright and alluring.

The eyes are sold as packs of ten and both system and prim eyes are included with an added alpha layer.

You can try out the eyes with free exclusive promo colours: chartreuse for evening eyes and purple for glacial eyes.

Permissions are M/C/NT. L150 for the pack of ten eyes.

If you want to share how beautiful a freak we’ve made you, feel free to post your pictures in our Flickr Group!

Purchase from: Main Store | Marketplace



One thought on “Glacial and Evening Eyes

  1. Great blog. Some really pretty looks you have here. 🙂 Only started on wordpress to post my makeup pics a couple of months ago, still trying to get the hang of it. I’ll have to keep at it! 😛

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